What is Google Flight? Innovation in Air Travel

what is google Flight innovation

If you are interested in green travel, you might have noticed the carbon emission estimate displayed next to each flight on Google Flights. This information is sorted by duration and price, and it is displayed to millions of flight shoppers. Moreover, Google has explained that this new feature reduces carbon emissions by up to 5% compared to conventional airlines. If you are looking for green flights, you should keep in mind that the latest airplanes are generally less polluting than older ones.

The innovation behind Google Flights relies on machine learning and relevant data to predict delays. By using weather data and aircraft arrival data, the algorithms can make an educated guess about the delay of your flight. You can then go to Google Flights and look up your flight number. Google will show you the estimated delay even if the airlines haven’t yet released any official data about the delay. The prediction is reliable if it is 80 percent accurate.

Moreover, Google Flights can offer more details about flights than prices and flight times. This is because it integrates data from Routehappy, a travel website, which provides details on seat pitch, wifi availability, and inflight entertainment. These two companies recently renewed their partnership to add Universal Ticket Attributes (UTA) to their data, which will give travelers even more information about flights. This innovation could also spark a new price war, as airlines will be tempted to undercut OTAs’ prices to capture their share of the highly qualified traffic. This will make it increasingly difficult for airlines to maintain a consistent fare price.