What is Google Example? Innovation

what is google Example innovation

So what is Google example innovation? It is a company that has invented a self-driving car to address a major problem, and Google’s innovation embodies this mission. A self-driving car will prevent traffic accidents caused by human error by driving itself. In 2004, Google didn’t have the technology or power to take on such a huge project. Marissa Mayer, a Googler, was the first person to make it happen. She developed robotic arms that would flip pages in time with a camera exposure.

A core principle of Google innovation strategy is that ideas can come from anywhere. Google believes that innovation can originate from anywhere, so they encourage employees in every part of the company to contribute ideas to improve the business. In fact, one doctor on staff recently argued that Google had a moral obligation to help its users. In addition to this, the company’s innovation strategy is powered by a commitment to doing work that matters. This principle is a great motivator.

Another Google example of innovation is that the company uses data aggressively to support its ideas. Google founder Marissa Mayer talked about how data helps the company’s innovation efforts. Google’s approach to innovation is far more data-driven than that of most companies. However, a company can emulate Google’s approach if it is willing to adopt an analytics-driven innovation culture. It should not be afraid to experiment with radical ideas because it is willing to tolerate failure.