What is Google Cancer? Innovation in Cancer Research

what is google Cancer innovation

You may be wondering, what is Google Cancer? Innovation, and how it’s different from other forms of cancer research. To answer this question, we’ve looked at the research behind AI and computer vision. DeepMind, a research group at Google, used computer vision to analyze cancer cells and images, and found that its algorithms matched human experts’ findings. The innovation is just one example of how AI can benefit cancer research.

Researchers at ISB-CGC have developed a suite of new UDFs for Google BigQuery that allow analysis of breast cancer data in minutes, rather than days. With a similar on-premise program, the same analysis would have taken days. The researchers are Dr. Kawther Abdilleh, a lead bioinformatics scientist for General Dynamics, and Dr. Boris Aguilar, senior research scientist at ISB. Both researchers have made their UDFs available for other researchers to use via BigQuery.

Another example is the collaboration between Google and Hologic. Together, they’re working on a cervical cancer screening system using AI and the latest ML tools. The aim is to increase the accuracy of diagnosis and decrease overall healthcare costs. The project also involves prototype augmented reality microscopes that overlay AI-based information on images for doctors. The goal is to provide doctors with pathology-based cancer detection tools at point-of-care. Google’s approach is built on the TensorFlow open-source machine-learning framework, and the Cloud Healthcare API.