What is Google Automate Technology and How is it Influencing Our Search Marketing Strategy?

what is google automate technology innovation

What is Google’s Automation Technology? How is it influencing our search marketing strategy? It’s a new campaign type that requires minimal setup and promises to run your ads across Google’s six primary advertising channels. Using a combination of inputs, Performance Max shows your ads where and when it expects to get conversions. This new innovation is a major breakthrough for Google’s Ads department and will have a major impact on how you create and run your advertising campaigns.

Another Google innovation is the Google Meet videoconferencing platform. This new platform allows you to have secure meetings and share documents. It also supports HIPAA compliance and automatic subtitles. The security features of Google Meet make it more secure than other video conferencing platforms. Developers can also create applications for Android Studio 2.0, which uses Google’s Voice API. This means you can create, edit, and share documents using your smartphone.