E-Commerce Littlewoods Web Site

If you want to make a big purchase in the UK and want to do it at the same time, you can go to the E-commerce Littlewoods web site. The online store sells a wide range of products, from electronics to clothing and toys. As a leading department store in Ireland, Littlewoods provides free delivery. The company’s vision is to become the most respected consumer business in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1889, Littlewoods has a long history of retailing. After a merger with Woolwich Financial Services in 1995, the retailer’s focus shifted from bricks-and-mortar retailing to mail order. In 2001, the company announced an operating loss of PS8.1 million, largely due to the closure of the Littlewoods Extra direct-mail catalog. However, it did report that second-half results were much stronger than in the previous years.

When it first went online, Littlewoods faced a significant challenge. The company had 24,000 products, or SKUs, to manage. Littlewoods used to produce 1,200-page catalogues, supplements, and sales flyers, and was working to streamline production, primarily with the help of desktop publishing systems. The web site would also allow the company to sell its products on Amazon. Moreover, customers can order goods directly through the web site.

Despite the initial challenges, Littlewoods’ new web site is now the largest shop-at-home business in the UK. Designed for accessibility, it passed the UK accessibility law and has grown its online sales by 12% in its first year. With the new site, Ross could focus on turning around Littlewoods and enhancing the brand’s reputation. In addition to providing the best customer experience possible, the site also offers the best user experience possible.