Can You Take a Pregnancy Test on Your Period?

can you take a pregnancy test on your period

If you think you’re pregnant, but still aren’t seeing any changes in your periods, you may want to consider trying a pregnancy test. In general, bleeding during your period means you’re not pregnant. Your period is a natural way for your body to get rid of the unfertilized egg that you’ve produced. A pregnancy test can be a good indication of being pregnant, but there are some things you should know.

First of all, a pregnancy hormone test will give you an accurate reading if you’re a regular cycle. In fact, pregnancy hormone tests are accurate at detecting pregnancy as early as five days before a missed period. That’s a good chance if you’re unsure of when your period will come. While some tests advertise that they can be taken on your period, it’s best to wait until after your cycle is over so that your test results are accurate.

If you’re worried about taking a pregnancy test during your period, it’s best to wait until your period is one to two weeks late. Another important point to remember is that there’s no scientific proof that a pregnancy is present in your body. This is why many tests are based on the idea that a woman is not pregnant. Taking the test too early or not following the instructions of the test can lead to a false negative.