What is Google Depth? Innovation?

What is Google Depth? innovation? This technology lets you explore 3D worlds with your mobile device. In a demo, a virtual pikachu darts between objects. It’s not quite real-time, but it is close. Some users have already experienced it in Google’s testing environment. For the most accurate results, the depth image should be at least half a meter away from the scene.

Google developed this technology with the goal of creating an improved augmented reality experience. The new technology enables smartphone users to experience virtual objects that are more lifelike and realistic. The smartphone is able to detect objects based on their depth by using software on the device. This new technology allows developers to develop apps that can make use of augmented reality. Google has also optimized its existing software to support ARCore. This new technology will only work on phones.

The technology makes it possible for mobile devices to take 3D photos and videos. It works by comparing multiple images taken by the device and estimating the distance to every pixel based on its depth. This technology works with a camera on the device to generate accurate depth estimations from 0 to eight meters. The best results are obtained when the device is half a meter to five meters away from a real-world scene.