Innovations in Water Purification

what is google SmarterHomes water technology Innovations in Water Purification

So, what exactly is Google SmarterHomes water technology? Is it a smart water meter that detects leaks? The system, which is available in India, has helped save over 71 million litres of water per day. And what’s more, it’s cost-effective. Using smart water metering can save the homeowner money and reduce water wastage, too.

Another new innovation is MadiDrop, a water filter made of nanoparticles that kill bacteria. Nanotechnology is the study and engineering of tiny objects. And, nanotube-based filters can remove sediments, bacteria, and traces of toxins. These new devices can also purify water that has gone through multiple steps before. Currently, about 11 percent of the world’s population lives without access to clean water. Fortunately, scientists are working to find ways to remedy the problem.