What is the Brand Texas Instruments?

If you are an electronics designer and want to create new gadgets, then you have probably heard about Texas Instruments. This American technology company is based in Dallas, Texas and designs and manufactures various integrated circuits. The company sells these components to manufacturers and designers of electronic devices worldwide. You may have also heard of the brand in the news. To know more about the company and its products, read on. Here are some things you need to know about Texas Instruments.

In 1942, Texas Instruments entered the defense electronics market with the development of submarine detection equipment, based on technology they had already developed for the oil industry. The company’s divisions later changed names several times, becoming the Laboratory & Manufacturing Division, Apparatus Division, Equipment Group, and Defense Systems & Electronics Group. Ultimately, the brand has grown into one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers.

Besides cellular handsets and computer systems, Texas Instruments also develops semiconductor technology. These products include digital light processing technology, microcontrollers, and analog semiconductors. They have over half of the world’s wireless phones. The company has a global presence, with over 80% of its revenues coming from the semiconductor industry. However, the 2001 downturn affected profits greatly. That said, it continues to innovate and improve the lives of consumers worldwide.

While calculators accounted for only a small portion of the company’s revenue in the early days, they became a major part of TI’s business. TI’s calculators cost $15 to $20 to produce. In the end, the company made over $1 billion from each one. In addition, it received the first patent on a microprocessor. The brand’s success has made it one of the most recognizable and widely used brands in the world today.