What is Google Drawing? Innovation in the Classroom

Google Drawings is an online drawing program that allows users to create interactive documents. These documents can include hyperlinks to videos or articles about a specific topic. They are great for creating infographics, which typically include images, text, and boxes. However, there are many more features available through Google Drawings. Here are some ideas for using this innovative tool in your classroom. Here are some examples of how to use Google Drawings in your classroom.

Google Drawing allows you to create a unique picture with various shapes and text. You can also insert pictures from your computer and the internet. You can search for copyright-friendly images through the application. You can also search Flickr and LIFE Photo Archive for images. Once you have chosen an image, you can add it to your drawing. You can then save the image to a web page or share it with others. The process is simple, intuitive, and free!

Another feature of Google Drawing is its ability to publish your drawings on the web. It is also possible to embed these drawings on your website. To make it easier for you to create a drawing, you can use a cheat sheet. You can hold SHIFT while using the mouse to keep proportions when resizing. You can also change the canvas background color and insert elements into your design. Google Drawing is a free tool that can help you express your creativity and inspire others to learn more about your subject.