What is Google Action? Innovation For Brands

Voice search and conversational searches are changing the way we communicate with brands. Google Actions take away the barrier of text, mimicking a real conversation. 41% of users who use voice-activated speakers say that it feels like they are talking to a friend or another human. Google Actions are driven by AI and can even remember your habits, adding a personal touch. In a world where people are constantly on the move, brands should take advantage of this opportunity to engage customers in a new way.

The Google Action platform allows third parties to build apps for Google Assistant and voice-activated assistant. They are similar to Amazon Alexa Skills. While they don’t replace apps, they do make it easier to build a conversational interface for the Google Assistant. Actions are free to use and are similar to apps. These new tools enable brands to take advantage of the power of voice search and give voice to the masses. Actions are currently available in seven languages, making them the perfect tool for marketing brands.

There are many ways to create an Action, ranging from using a Google spreadsheet and template project to coding the entire Action line by line. There is a sweet spot in between power and simplicity – Dialogflow is the easiest way to use Google’s platform while offering the most power. With minimal code, anyone can build their own Actions. You’ll be surprised how much you can create. And remember, the possibilities are endless.