What is the Brand E.Leclerc?

Despite a turbulent history, today Leclerc is a leading retailer in France. In the 1990s, it had begun to compete with large hypermarkets, which were often accused of favouring big brands over small ones. This caused Leclerc to launch its own range of deeply discounted items, as well as creating its own clothing brand. It has also recently expanded into other areas of retail, opening the first automotive service centre along the French autoroute system.

Founded in 1920, Leclerc has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The company broke down price controls and state monopolies in its first years, and by the late 1980s it had captured half of the French market. In fact, it has now expanded beyond its traditional retail sector to include a range of lifestyle products, such as fashion accessories and computer equipment. The company also began selling jewelry, and in the mid-decade it has become France’s largest gold retailer.

As the French retail industry continued to grow, Leclerc also expanded abroad. In 1994, the company opened two stores in the US. In 1995, it expanded to Poland and Portugal, establishing strategic alliances with Euromadi Iberica and rival French retailer Systeme U. In addition to its Spanish outlets, it has a joint venture with Conad that includes both supermarkets and department stores.