Launching an E-Commerce France Loisirs Web Site

If you are looking to launch an E-commerce France Loisirs website, you are probably wondering how to get started. If you have not yet launched your own business web site, you are not alone. France Loisirs has been a leading French advertising company since 1970, and they are no strangers to Internet marketing. Besides delivering great advertising content, France Loisirs is a top French fashion retailer.

The France Loisirs web site is one of the first to go live. The online retailing company has a history going back to 1970, when it was created by the German media group Bertelsmann. This company then divested most of its international holdings. In 2005, an American investment firm, NAJAFI, bought the company. The Actissia Group was purchased by Luxemburg-based ITS and Adrian Diaconu became its president. The group’s web site went live in May 2016.

During the last year, sales through French E-commerce websites grew at a compounded rate of 15% per year. These sales are expected to increase even more in the years ahead. Most transactions were made in retail and travel purchases, office supplies and computer supplies, and medical supplies. Various specialized websites have seen tremendous activity. E-tourism was also affected by the pandemic. The new generation of tourists has a taste for unique and affordable items.