Can You Get STDs From Kissing?

In general, people don’t realize they can get STDs from kissing. Generally, kissing happens spontaneously, and you don’t have an in-depth conversation about the other person’s sexual history. But, it’s never a bad idea to ask about sexual health before kissing. It’s also important to ask about any open sores before kissing.

The most common STD that is spread by kissing is herpes. Herpes can be passed through skin-to-skin contact with the person with the disease. However, the risk of catching other STDs is much lower when there is no blood or sores. It is still possible to contract these diseases through kissing, but they are not as common as a sexually transmitted disease.

Besides the herpes virus, other STDs are also spread by kissing. The most common STD is the herpes simplex virus. Infections from herpes are spread to one’s partner when one person kisses another. Kissing can lead to the transmission of a number of diseases. There are more than a dozen types of STDs and many are not treatable or curable.

Herpes simplex is the most common type of oral herpes. The symptoms of herpes include a sore throat, blisters, and pain when eating. If you are sexually active, you should avoid kissing with anyone who has symptoms of herpes. The best way to protect yourself from catching herpes is to keep away from those infected with it.