What is the Brand Mueller Industries?

what is the brand Mueller Industries

So you want to know what is the brand Mueller Industries? Read on! Mueller Industries started back in 1917, and today it is a multinational company with its head office in Memphis, Tennessee. It is publicly traded and has multibillion dollar revenues. In addition to being a household name, the brand is also a trusted choice for a wide variety of business needs. Its mission is to make life better for businesses and consumers alike, and it has done this by creating products that help improve the lives of people everywhere.

Founded in 1917, Mueller Industries produces copper tubes, bars, extrusions, plastic fittings, and aluminum. Its Standard Products Division generates three-quarters of the company’s total revenues. The company sells its products to plumbing wholesalers and plumbers, and its Industrial Products Division serves OEMs and other industries. The company manufactures products for a variety of industries, and its innovative manufacturing processes have helped the brand become an industry leader.

The company’s expansion in the 1990s was largely due to the expanding economy. Housing starts and sales grew steadily, which was great news for Mueller. The company had continued to expand, although slower than in the late 1960s. In 1996, Mueller reported a net income of $61.2 million, on net sales of $729 million. The company also announced a two-for-one stock split, and moved its headquarters to Wichita, Kansas.