What is Google Role in Innovation?

what is google Role innovation

So what is Google’s role in innovation? It’s a massive enterprise with billions of dollars in revenues, over 60,000 employees and a range of diverse products and services, from its core search business to its mobile operating system and nascent businesses such as autonomous cars. How is Google able to continue to drive innovation and improve the world’s most widely used web browser? Read on to find out more.

The core of Google’s innovation strategy is a simple one. The company ethos is to support creativity from all parts of the organization. Employees are encouraged to draw a line between their day-to-day work and their passion for doing something important. A doctor working on the company’s staff once argued that the company has a moral duty to help its users, regardless of where that commitment takes them. With such an approach, Google is able to drive innovation and create new products in ways never thought possible.

As a company that values innovation, Google encourages its employees to take ownership of their ideas and implement them into the company’s DNA. Its culture of improvisational innovation attracts high-quality employees and produces a huge number of ideas. A recent New York Times article explored the perception that Google is an attack on Microsoft’s hegemony in business software applications. To understand the true role of Google’s culture, read this New York Times article.