What is Google Digital Platforms Exchanges?

what is google Digital platforms exchanges innovation

The concept of digital platforms exchanges is an emerging trend. Previously, Google has acted as a buyer of advertising inventory, but now it is competing as a seller as well. This way, it plays a dual role, as it competes with other companies, developers, and publishers. Whether Google will continue this role or take on a different role is unclear, but it is certainly an interesting model to watch.

Today, Google is a large platform with dominant search technology. By replicating its model, other companies can create platforms for partners and become a hub for exchanges. In the 19th century, a company called Li & Fung in Guangzhou, China, became so successful that it stopped being a trading firm and orchestrated a complex end-to-end supply chain. In the ensuing years, Li & Fung was the largest supplier of ad inventory on the internet.

To maximize its potential, Google has invested in a proprietary platform that allows third parties to plug in new computer clusters. The Google operating system uses a modified version of open source Linux to allow third-party developers to plug in new competitive features. This platform is intended to accelerate the growth and innovation of companies, and will allow them to compete with other companies. If the platform becomes a hub for the exchanges, it will be more difficult for the competitors to compete with Google.