E-Commerce River Island Web Site

Ecommerce River Island web site

The E-commerce River Island web site features a stock availability checker that helps users quickly determine whether a particular product is in stock. This feature is valid for consumers in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. A customer can also pay for a product with their PayPal account, a convenience that allows users to check out faster. Payment can be made in British pounds, Euros, or U.S. dollars.

The E-commerce River Island web site incorporates Flash software, which allows customers to see all of the information at once. Additionally, it offers a unique feature to enable consumers to add products to a wish list without interrupting their browsing experience. Ultimately, the customer experience is enhanced with the integration of proper imagery and content. It also allows for greater customer engagement, leading to an increase in conversion rates and sales. The E-commerce River Island web site becomes a central part of the customer experience.

To support this, the company has also moved into the cloud. Amazon Web Services was chosen to power River Island’s e-commerce web site. The decision was made because of its ability to scale and provide reliability. Amazon is the undisputed king of ecommerce, so River Island needed a platform that could handle high volumes of traffic and keep up with their growth. With decades of experience in e-commerce, Amazon Web Services is the perfect fit for River Island.