E-Commerce Monki – Adding a Scandinavian Twist to Your Online Store

Ecommerce Monki web site

For those who enjoy a Scandinavian look, the E-commerce Monki web site is a great way to add an extra touch to your online store. Founded in 2006, Monki sells clothing, accessories, and homewares that are affordable, stylish, and blog-friendly. The price range for a knit sweater or pair of jeans is 25-35 euros, and leather goods start at five euros. The new site will be launched on 9 April.

The E-commerce Monki web site features live streaming, where a broadcast is available in 19 different territories. The broadcasts include staff members who can answer questions and interact with other viewers. Viewers can then add items to their baskets by hovering over the product details. The broadcast can be replayed to see what’s being featured in the live stream. If a live broadcast is interrupted, a link is provided below the video that directs viewers to the relevant products.

Monki is a Swedish brand of clothing inspired by Scandinavian cool and Asian street style. The brand is renowned for its colorful prints and oversized silhouettes. It is also well-known for its sustainability initiatives, offering an extensive denim line made from recycled and organic cotton. Monki aims to empower young women around the world with its creative, trendy collections. However, if you are thinking of launching your own E-commerce Monki web site, there are a few things to consider.