What is Google User Innovation?

what is google User innovation

What is Google’s secret sauce? It’s the way they respond to user feedback. They focus on technical knowledge, but also prioritize iterative progress, pushing out new products and services early and using feedback to refine them. Earlier, Facebook was a strong proponent of the “move fast and break things” credo, but has since abandoned it. Google is different, as they prioritize the needs of the users, and take their feedback into account when making new products and services.

Google maps, for example, has more than 154 million monthly users and has already undermined a London cab driver’s test. Its success has revealed a fundamental truth about innovation. Technical insights can be far more useful than market research, but asking users what they want can yield valuable insights that make the product or service better. Ultimately, it is about making it easy for the users. In short, innovation is about addressing problems and giving them what they need.

While Google has made enormous investments in DoubleClick and YouTube, they still depend on the users to decide which innovations succeed and which ones fail. They believe their product strategy will emerge as users decide what they need. The Google design process has shown that this approach has paid off. It’s a powerful and enduring strategy for a company whose users are already used to the messiness and confusion that the web offers. There is no clear path to profitability for new products, but users do know how they want them.