What is Google Risk? Innovation

what is google Risk innovation

The question, what is Google Risk? Innovation, has always piqued my curiosity. Google, the world’s largest tech company, has a motto of “do the right thing.” However, in 2014, it entered into a military contract. Although the company doesn’t support the war effort, employees are concerned that their company is in the wrong business. One such example is the Predictim app, which predicted the risk of a babysitter before letting her leave her children with it.

While a start-up culture is very important for the innovation process, a large corporation with major revenue-earning products and an extensive global reach requires a completely different innovation system. Furthermore, Google’s culture and staff are far different from start-up cultures. Consequently, Google may be losing its broad-based culture of innovation. However, there are ways for the company to overcome this challenge. The organization’s culture of continuous improvement plays a critical role in its success.

The company’s culture of risk-taking is apparent in its many attempts to create revolutionary products. Not only do employees work across departments and functions, they’re encouraged to challenge the status quo and poke holes in existing systems. Google encourages its employees to take risks and experiment with new ideas, a process that is both risky and rewarding. While it may not be perfect, the results are often fantastic. The company has grown to become one of the most valuable companies on the planet.