Innovations in Water Purification

what is SatSure water technology Innovations in Water Purification

What is SatSure water technology? This innovative water technology developed by Google is set to change the way water is purified. This revolutionary technology reduces both the energy and cost of purification. The technology uses nanoparticles to kill bacteria. Nanotechnology is a field that aims to engineer small objects or structures that can clean water. Nanotube-based filters can remove sediment and traces of toxic elements, as well as bacteria.

A long time ago, the Egyptians were already using a filter that strained water through sand grains. This filtration process was effective in removing big particles of contamination and made river water clear and tastier. Today, water purification techniques have evolved, and ozone, chlorine, and satellite remote sensing systems have been developed. But it’s still not enough. These new technologies must be even more innovative if we want to improve the water quality for everyone and stay healthy.

Another startup, SatSure, is also working in the DeepTech sector. Its SaaS product enables reputed financial institutions to provide on-demand credit to farmers in India. Its insurance products can help insurance companies save money on their policies. Its founders hope to grow their team to 100 people by March 2022. So far, SatSure has received an undisclosed amount of funding from Baring Private Equity India and TIAA. The funds will be used to expand their team and expand their international footprint. They also plan to capitalize on their high-resolution satellite imagery to detect changes in infrastructure and agriculture.

Another water innovation that is undergoing widespread adoption is the development of smart meters that measure the amount of water used by households. The technology is also used to monitor water quality in real-time. Imagine H2O 2020 companies are already making the process of water management more efficient and effective. By helping the world achieve its water goals, these innovative companies are helping communities to become more resilient to the challenges of climate change and increasing population growth.