Why Did Ziva Leave NCIS?

why did ziva leave ncis

Leaving NCIS is always difficult, but there are plenty of good reasons for leaving this drama. Here are some of the top reasons to leave. This show is a very popular one and has become a popular way to watch the CIA and FBI team solve crimes. The actress’ character was named after Tali. She had a daughter with her husband, Anthony DiNozzo Jr. and a daughter named Tali.

First of all, Ziva had an interesting exit from the series. She was presumed dead during a season six episode. But she was actually alive after a bombing attempt and had gone deep undercover to find the perpetrators. The actress was rescued and joined NCIS after becoming an American citizen. However, she left NCIS after the season thirteen finale. Despite this, the character’s storyline was interesting and the fans were happy to see her back.

After the season 13 finale, Ziva David made a surprising return to the show. After being presumed dead, her appearance shocked everyone on the show, including her former flame Tony. Ziva is now set to appear in two episodes of season 17, so fans will be able to see her again. Perhaps the reunion between her lover Tony will lead to a reunion. This is an interesting twist for fans of the show.

The cancellation of the show did not help her cause. The show was already losing several cast members – especially Agent Todd. The last thing NCIS needed was another actor with the right kind of personality to play a CIA agent. It’s been a popular series since the very first season. And if you’ve ever watched it, you probably know how popular it is. So, if you’ve been wondering why Ziva left NCIS, now’s the time to watch the series.