What is Google Genomics and Gene Editing?

what is google Genomics and gene editing innovation

What is Google Genomics and gene editing? Despite the hype, these two new technologies are still a relatively new concept in life sciences. While they offer huge potential for new medicines, there are many risks involved. However, Google has invested in the life sciences industry and partnered with startups like Verve Therapeutics to help develop genetically engineered human tissues. Here are some reasons why you should follow these two new technologies.

The social and political forces driving genome editing will ultimately determine whether it is disruptive or not. Further research is needed to determine if certain elements of the current regime will change. Although genome editing has enormous potential to alter human life, it must be framed in terms of social, ethical, and biopolitical debates. Social sciences must remain engaged in this debate to help the public understand this new technology. The underlying science of human biology is a key component to ensuring that the human population continues to benefit from this new technology.

What are the risks and benefits of genome editing? First, this technology poses significant risks for society. The technology can lead to changes in diversity within the population. These changes would depend on the prevailing social norms, which might limit freedom. This concern is reflected in recent concerns over the use of prenatal screening. Secondly, it could lead to a change in norms. For instance, people could be forced to undergo genetic screening, which is problematic. This is the reason why it is a great topic for ethical considerations.