What is Google Book? Innovation Behind the Google Book

What is Google Book? and how is it different than traditional bookstores? This article will explore how Google’s innovative technology is helping the book market grow and expand. But before you get excited, you should know that Google isn’t the only company making innovative technology. Among them are Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and many more. The innovations behind these companies will be vital to the future of publishing. Let’s look at how Google is using its technology to create a new product: the Google Book!

The technology behind Google’s book search engine relies on millions of books scanned by a machine. Google won a ruling in 2008 that allowed them to use the books in the book search engine. The book search engine is one of the most revolutionary innovations to happen online in the past decade. Google’s book search engine relies on the fair use doctrine, so it was logical for them to apply the same legal theory to the print world.