What is the Brand Societe Generale Bank?

what is the brand societe general bank

When searching for the best French bank, you may wonder what is the brand Societe Generale. This bank has many divisions, including Investment Banking, French Networks, and International Retail Banking. Additionally, it offers Securities Services. This article will help you understand the brand and what it represents. Getting to know the bank is crucial to making the right choice. So, what is Societe Generale?

The Societe Generale bank is divided into eight main businesses: French networks, international retail banking, global transaction banking, asset management, and private banking. It has over 14,500 employees in fourteen countries. Its Private Banking division provides wealth management services for clients with net worth of more than EUR1 million. Each of these divisions has its own unique culture and identity, and their brands reflect this. In addition, they are involved in digital transformation and have offices in 67 countries around the world.

The bank’s global footprint includes the US, France, and several other countries. With 29 million customers in 60 countries, the company’s global operations span the globe. Its retail banking activities include domestic retail banking (SG CIB) and international wholesale banking (SG IB). In addition to retail banking, Societe Generale also provides private banking services. However, it has a long-term active support policy that extends beyond its financial services. Although rugby is an obvious example, the bank is active in several fields, such as art, technology, and science.

The General Netherlands Company was founded in 1765 in Brussels with a specific mandate for the development of agriculture, manufacturing, and trade. Its founder, Dutch King Willem I of Orange, granted the bank a national remit and the power to print banknotes. The bank was appointed the State cashier. After Belgium declared its independence from the Netherlands, it changed its name to Societe General de Belgique.