Replatforming the E-Commerce Sainsburys Web Site

Ecommerce Sainsburys web site

The E-commerce Sainsburys web site has a low user experience based on an exhaustive review of 414 design elements. It is significantly below the benchmark of other sites, with problems including Cart & Checkout and On-Site Search. In the case of Sainsbury’s, this isn’t surprising given the company’s size and prominence. However, Sainsbury’s can improve its UX by tackling its most pressing usability problems.

The company’s new web site was built using IBM’s WebSphere Commerce platform. It has integrated with back-end systems and stores consumer and business data. It uses a scalable architecture and is compatible with many browsers. The replatforming project was managed by Salmon, with minimal disruption to customers. The system utilizes Cascading Style Sheets to denote objects and pages. In addition to replatforming Sainsburys’ eCommerce web site, Salmon also developed 80+ integration points.

To support the new Sainsbury’s customer journey, the company implemented an intelligent and responsive technology solution. The new platform integrates recipes from recipe publishers and CPG brands. It also gives customers access to the full app experience in Samsung Family Hub refrigerators. The AI-powered platform is capable of mapping the relationships between ingredients, including nutrition, perishability, and flavour. This technology matches the ingredients in recipes with the products available in grocery stores.

Magnolia allows Sainsbury’s to scale up quickly, and its authors’ efficiency has improved. Its Light Development allows it to seamlessly integrate multiple brands and sites. This capability was particularly useful after the Home Retail Group’s acquisition of the Sainsbury’s chain. It also makes it easy to integrate brands and scale systems. Further, the Sainsburys web site has more than 98% coverage of U.K. residents.