Estee Lauder Launches E-Commerce Estee Lauder Web Site

Ecommerce EsteLauder web site

The E-commerce EsteLauder web site is a great way for customers to purchase cosmetics from their favorite brands. With its 120 different e-commerce sites and mobile app, Estee Lauder is a global player in the beauty industry. The company is betting that the local employees will be able to set up sales events and marketing campaigns that will attract domestic shoppers. And, of course, the company is planning to keep its online store up-to-date.

The Estee Lauder web site is also a great place for customers to find beauty products that don’t exist in stores. Many customers are shopping for the first time, and the ease and convenience of online ordering makes it a good place to start. But you’ll still want to buy a new bottle of mascara – and that’s OK! This site offers free shipping worldwide. And, the best part? It’s completely secure.

The E-commerce EsteLauder web site also incorporates Augmented Reality, which allows users to virtually try on different colors and shades of lipstick. For this, Estee Lauder has partnered with a company called ModiFace, which specializes in AR technology for the beauty industry. The company is also testing a new augmented reality tool that allows customers to see how a Pure Color lipstick shade will look on their face using an online video.

The Estee Lauder Companies’ E-commerce efforts are paying off. The company has been aggressively implementing new technology and digital experiences like loyalty programs and high-touch mobile services to increase sales. These initiatives and the company’s digital-first mindset are driving the Estee Lauder’s e-commerce growth. In fact, the company’s sales surged by almost 30% during its fiscal 2021 fiscal year, including the estimated sales made through retail websites.