What is International Flavors and Fragrances?

what is the brand International Flavors and Fragrances

IF&F is an American corporation that creates solutions for health, biosciences, and food in the form of natural health ingredients, aromatherapy, and complementary adjacent products. In other words, they help make life better by giving us the flavor and aroma we love. Their products are based on the latest technology and science. If you’re unsure what International Flavors and Fragrances does, read on to learn more about the company and what they do.

The history of International Flavors and Fragrances dates back to Morana, Inc. in New York City. Originally from Holland, the company’s founders had come to the United States in 1917 and hired Arnold Louis Van Ameringen, who later left the company to start his own business. Van Ameringen’s first product was an aromatic fragrance called “Potassium,” which delivered the flavor, nutrition, and color of real food. He eventually merged with Morana, Inc. and created IFF.

IFF has been a major player in the flavor industry for years. Although it’s unclear what percentage of its sales come from natural products, the company makes up more than half of its raw materials. And, with a strong natural flavor portfolio and high win rate, IFF seems built for the future. However, its biggest risk in the long run will be shifting consumer preference from synthetics to natural products, a trend that’s related to the rising health consciousness in modern society.

As the company became more global in nature, the company became more visible worldwide. IFF now has 38 laboratories around the world and maintains a research center in Union Beach, New Jersey. IFF spent $135 million on research in 2001. This means that IFF has continued to innovate, even outside of its fragrances business. The company has also expanded into adjacent markets like the gray coverage market, where the market is estimated to be worth $9 billion.