What is Google Piano? Innovation at Its Best

You may be asking yourself, what is Google Piano? Hopefully this article has answered that question. After all, we all want to be entertained, right? But first, what is a “piano”? This instrument is an electronic keyboard that plays music by tapping the keys, creating a sound. That’s the main innovation of the Google Piano. But there are some more intriguing uses of this new technology. Learn more about the Google Piano and how it will benefit you in the future.

The idea for this technology came from the video game Guitar Hero, where players make up their own tunes. In order to do this, the team behind Piano Genie trained an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm using more than 1,400 videos from the International Piano-e-Competition in Minnesota. Once the system is trained, it can predict which notes to play next. With the ability to play a song in this manner, the system is great for improvising.