Water Scratch Innovation – What is Google Solmeyea?

what is google solmeyea WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

The need for clean water is a global concern. One in three people lacks access to potable water. More than 600 million people are deprived of clean water. The use of cutting-edge technology to get water is one solution to this problem. Using cutting-edge technology to get clean water is a good idea for a number of reasons.

One such innovation is called Solmeyea, a technology developed by Google that involves silver nanoparticles in water. These particles remove pathogens and other contaminants from water and can purify up to 4,000 litres a day. It is an effective water purification method and its makers are hoping that it will increase access to clean water. The solution works by using carbon paper evaporators and polydimethylsiloxane condensers that reduce the water’s temperature below the dew point. This causes the water to condense into vapour and remove pathogens.

There are a number of barriers that are preventing the widespread adoption of these technologies. Developing countries lack the expertise and technical capacity to implement the solutions. The process will not happen overnight and will take many steps before widespread sustainability is achieved. In the meantime, water technology innovation is vital in the future of the water sector. For instance, water metering technology can help prevent leakage and save water for a number of households. In Bengaluru alone, this technology has helped save 71 million liters of water.