E-Commerce Lush Web Site

Ecommerce Lush web site

The E-commerce Lush web site is a critical element in LUSH’s strategy. Their retail sales are far outstripping those of their online stores. As a result, they needed a scalable digital experience that could handle massive traffic volumes and effectively highlight the LUSH brand. Furthermore, they wanted to showcase their social and environmental values, which aligned with the open source community. This is where FFW comes in.

The blog at Lush is an integral part of the overall user experience. The blog is integrated into the main site navigation and placed throughout the consumer’s shopping journey. The content feed on a product detail page features relevant blog articles. These articles feature product information, ingredient details, beauty tips, and stories. The content also allows consumers to read about a product’s origins and the process that goes into creating it. As a result, consumers are more likely to make a purchase on a Lush web site.

The Lush homepage strikes the perfect balance between function and inspiration. Although it breaks many conversion rate optimisation rules, the Lush website reflects the wider purpose of the brand. The company understands the online customer journey and how best to engage the customer. This is evident in the way the site flows and how the main navigation is designed. Furthermore, the homepage includes a search bar and main menu. Additionally, the site’s responsive design and flexible hosting makes it easier for visitors to explore and purchase products.