Why is a Fire Truck Red?

Have you ever wondered why a fire truck is red? The colour red is a classic choice for fire trucks. Its longer wavelength allows it to be visible to the quickest of motorists, giving them plenty of time to get out of their way. It is also associated with danger and threat, a common association across many countries. Despite this association, yellow fire trucks are quite common. The reasons for their choice are many.

A classic fire truck is red, but not all of them are. Some are yellow because the color is easier to see in dim light. This is because the human eye is most sensitive to greenish-yellow and fluorescent colors. Yellow fire trucks are also more visible at night than black vehicles. This helps firefighters and other emergency responders to better locate their vehicles. But what if you don’t have a red fire truck in your neighborhood?

Another reason why fire trucks are red is that they are traditionally associated with danger. As such, fire departments have chosen the colour red as their signature color. Moreover, the color red is associated with fire and blood, and is therefore easily recognized by motorists. Furthermore, this hue has a higher wavelength than other colours, making it easier to be seen from a distance. Thus, firefighters are the ones responsible for keeping the public safe.