What is GPDR and Cybersecurity?

what is GPDR and Cybersecurity innovation

Organisations have been fighting cyber threats for almost as long as the internet has existed. Until recently, the primary means of ensuring data privacy were security upgrades. GDPR, however, has directly affected data privacy standards and indirectly prompted organisations to enhance their cybersecurity measures. Here are the top three reasons why GPDR and cybersecurity go hand in hand. Listed below are three benefits of the GDPR:

– IP theft: Medical research laboratories remain prime targets. Examples of recent attacks on medical research laboratories include the attack on AstraZeneca and the Moderna laboratory. No health sector company excels in protecting health information. Moreover, the growth of remote working has significantly increased the attack surface for organizations and companies. As a result, GPDR and cybersecurity can be a powerful combination. For this reason, companies must ensure their employees understand how to secure their systems.