What is Google Themis WRT Water Scarcity Innovation?

what is google Themis WRT WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

There are a number of clean technology innovations in the world today. One such technology is smart irrigation. Smart irrigation systems can automatically adjust the amount of water applied to a field based on its current needs. This type of technology has many applications, including crop monitoring and water allocation. Themis can also be used for irrigation. In addition to crop monitoring, Themis can also automatically control the amount of fertilizer applied to the soil.

There are many technological proposals that are intended to expand access to safe drinking water. However, most of these are too complex or expensive to be practical on the ground. One innovative water purification technology is the solar distiller, which is a self-contained water treatment station powered by solar and wind energy. A single unit can purify more than 20,000 litres of water per day and provide a sustainable source of water for ten years.

The Cross-KIC project has brought together 30 start-ups across Europe to create innovative solutions to water scarcity in Southern Europe. These start-ups will go through a three-month process, where they will receive training, advice, and economic awards. Those with the most promising ideas will compete at the final competition in Spain. They’ll receive advice and support from experts in their field, and they’ll have the opportunity to win the award.