What is Google Planet?

what is google Planet innovation

Planet began in 2013 with four satellites and has since grown to a constellation of 88 in February 2017. As the program grew, the satellites started transmitting terabytes of data to the ground station. In order to keep up with the massive data volume, the company needed a compute and storage platform that could handle tens of thousands of virtual machines. The company chose Google Cloud Storage because of its large, high-speed network and the ability to customize the compute instances to match its needs.

The Google Cloud professional services team worked with Planet to develop its migration plan. Google Cloud professionals helped Planet determine the best method for moving large amounts of storage. They also helped Planet understand the various tools and APIs available for its use. Finally, the Google professional services team facilitated discussions with product teams and helped the company develop a migration plan. As the company grows, they are expected to dominate the energy control market. But they will not stop there.

Planet Innovation is an Australian company focused on commercialization and health tech innovation. Their projects align with clinical outcomes and the user experience and aim to make the world a healthier place. Most products and services developed by Planet Innovation are heavily regulated, so they go into hospitals, clinics, and labs. Founded 11 years ago, the company now has over 300 employees worldwide. It also helps companies scale and prove that they can build a profitable business. The company has become a global force in the industry.