How Can Gums Grow Back?

can gums grow back

If you’re worried that you’ve lost your gums due to tooth decay, you’re not alone. There are many reasons that your gums may be receding. A dentist can help you understand the different reasons and the various treatments that are available. Listed below are several ways you can improve your gum health. Taking care of your oral health is crucial if you want to prevent gum recession and restore your smile.

Often, the underlying cause of receding gums is your own body. Some people simply have a higher risk of this condition than others. Genetics may also play a role in the process. Smoking has also been associated with receding gums, with smokers having twice the risk of this condition than nonsmokers. Treatment options vary and may require surgery or other procedures. Some people find that changing their toothbrush frequently is enough. If this method is unsuccessful, an electric toothbrush with a force detector can be helpful.

While you may experience some pain and sensitivity when brushing your teeth, you should try not to let the gums recede any further. The gums are important for maintaining healthy teeth, and if they start to recede, this could lead to problems with your teeth and gums. Infections, bad breath, and sensitivity to colds and hots can be symptoms of gum recession. Luckily, there are ways to repair receding gums that will not require surgery or any other intervention.