E-Commerce Komputronik Web Site

Ecommerce Komputronik web site

For many years, the IT department at E-commerce Komputronik operated its own servers in a collocation environment. In addition to the shared infrastructure, Komputronik also used independent VMware ESXi instances. When the company’s IT department performed an analysis in 2017, it found that they needed an infrastructure that offered high resource scalability and flexibility. This was important because Komputronik was growing rapidly and required ongoing improvements to its employee systems and customer service.

In the last few years, however, the company has expanded into new markets, including Germany. The company also has a new subsidiary, Komputronik GmbH. This German company has a large presence in the IT industry and offers many of the same e-commerce services that the company’s US-based counterparts offer. The company offers an excellent array of e-commerce solutions, including marketing automation and analytics.

Computronik is a major electronic product distributor in Poland, offering more than one hundred thousand different products. In addition to computers, it also offers consumer electronics, photo equipment, and other items. In addition to computers, the company also offers various home and garden tools, furniture, and even cosmetics. Komputronik also offers fragrances, perfumes, and other cosmetics. However, before you purchase any of these products, you must first obtain a license.