Can You Still Have a Period and Be Pregnant?

can you still have a period and be pregnant

During your pregnancy, your body is not able to eliminate the lining of your womb. As such, you may experience some spotting and light bleeding. This bleeding is harmless as long as it’s not a sign of an infection. Heavy bleeding, on the other hand, may indicate something more serious. If it occurs during your pregnancy, call your doctor. Your health should be your number one priority.

While you may have a period during pregnancy, it won’t be as regular as a regular one. Your body will produce fewer pregnancy hormones, so you will not have your monthly period. The only exception to this is if you’re bleeding too heavily. A pregnancy test will confirm if you are pregnant. If you are concerned about spotting, it’s best to visit your doctor. It’s also best to stick to a plant-based diet. The health benefits are numerous. Consider completing a 14-day Eat More Plants challenge to improve your diet.

While a pregnancy can occur with a missed period, it’s possible to be pregnant without missing your monthly cycle. The egg implanted in the uterus and fertilized a woman’s lining will produce an embryo. The baby will grow inside of that fertilized egg, and the blood will be shed as menstrual blood. Some women may experience light bleeding during pregnancy, which can be mistaken for a period. It will last for a few days, so you should not worry if you’re bleeding because you’re pregnant.