Can Pregnant Women Eat Salmon?

can pregnant women eat salmon

The question “can pregnant women eat salmon?” is often on the minds of expecting mothers. After all, their diet is the primary source of their baby’s nutrition, and it’s only natural to be wary of all of the foods you eat. Luckily, salmon is extremely healthy, versatile, and widely available. Pregnant women can enjoy the delicious flesh of this fish in a variety of dishes.

But what about the safety of salmon for pregnant women? It is safe for pregnant women to eat salmon, as long as it is cooked thoroughly. Smoked salmon is not recommended, because listeria bacteria can grow on the fish. And, you should avoid smoked salmon during pregnancy, since it can get spoilt easily. So, the real question is: “Can pregnant women eat salmon?”

While the health benefits of fish and shellfish are undeniable, some seafood poses risks to the unborn child. While it’s safe to eat moderate amounts of shellfish during pregnancy, uncooked fish and smoked fish can contain harmful bacteria. It is also best to avoid raw fish and seafood that’s been refrigerated. Sushi rolls made with cooked fish or vegetarian alternatives may be safer choices. A pregnant woman may want to discuss any concerns about salmon with her obstetrician, but it’s not necessary to worry.

You can eat salmon if you follow the recommended amounts for pregnant women. Wild salmon has a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids than farm raised fish, and frozen fish doesn’t smell or taste fishy. Canned salmon is similar to canned tuna, but raw salmon may have toxic heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants, and dioxins. The chemicals in raw salmon could build up in your body and affect your baby’s developing brain.