What is Google Process? Five Key Aspects of Innovation You Should Know

what is google Process innovation

How can a company improve the way they innovate? Google introduced its own highly efficient processes for crawling webpages and ranking them based on quality and number of links. Its interface was refreshingly simple – a box to type in your search terms and a “Search” button. But how does it achieve its ambitious goals? We’ll explore some of the key elements of the Google Process. Here are five key aspects of Google innovation that you should know.

Google’s innovative culture is highly improvisational. It is believed that giving any engineer 20% of their time to pursue a passion project is a powerful way to propel new ideas forward. While the rule isn’t applied to all employees, it attracts high-quality talent and creates an enormous volume of new ideas. One recent article in the New York Times explored Google’s perceived assault on Microsoft’s hegemony in business software applications.

Google treats its employees like the most valuable asset. The company has designed its offices to be crowded, so that employees can communicate easily. Google holds all-hands meetings every Friday to help the company communicate effectively with everyone. Employees are also interviewed many times before they get a chance to join the company. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation. But how do you encourage innovation? There are three key components to success.

The first is to develop a culture of creativity. Google is known for its relentless innovation and creative problem solving. Google focuses on future thinking and innovation to capture uncontested markets. Google follows nine pillars of innovation. These principles can be implemented by any company and apply them to their own product development. Google is an excellent example of how to innovate, but you don’t have to copy their methods. Rather, follow their example and you’ll find yourself creating new products and services with greater speed and effectiveness.