Water Scarcity Innovation – Google Graniot

what is google Graniot WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

The current state of water scarcity is alarming. Around 11 percent of the world’s population lacks access to safe drinking water. This has prompted scientists to devise new methods to purify and obtain this scarce resource. Google Graniot has been one such innovation. This innovative device can purify up to 20 litres of water a day.

The Google Graniot is a solar-powered device that purifies water from human waste. It can purify two litres of wastewater in thirty minutes. It can also produce 15 liters of fresh water a day. This technology is destined to improve quality of life for communities in developing countries. Google Graniot has received several awards for its innovative approach to water purification. Google has also acquired BioWater, a company that uses DNA fingerprinting technology to detect contaminants in water.

The project focuses on innovation in water-based sectors, entrepreneurship and education. The EIT Water Scarcity Innovations in Water Purification initiative has focused on Southern Europe as one of its priority regions. In its current phase, EIT Food and other partner organizations, including EIT Manufacturing, EIT Raw Materials, BioAzul consulting and Athena technology center, are supporting this project.