How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone

how to use apple pay

You may be wondering how to use Apple Pay on iPhone. To do so, you must activate the Wallet screen of your iPhone and then scan the card number with Face ID. If your iPhone has a home button, hold down that button until the Wallet screen appears. Then, look for the Apple Pay symbol in the store’s POS terminal or ask the cashier where you should place the phone in order to complete the transaction.

Once you’ve enrolled your card, you can start using Apple Pay on your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. After that, tap the Add Credit Card or Debit Card option and enter the card details. You can also use the camera to add additional information. After adding the card, the banks will verify the information provided. Some banks will require you to complete additional verification, such as receiving a phone call or text message with a unique code. Once you’ve successfully verified your card, you can begin using Apple Pay!

You can also redeem rewards through Apple Pay. To use Apple Pay, hold your iPhone near a contactless terminal and scan the rewards card. In some stores, you’ll be prompted to swipe the rewards card before using your credit card. In other stores, you will be asked to select your payment method and rewards card separately. Tap the rewards card to enable Automatic Selection. Then tap the Pay button to complete your transaction.