What is the Definition of Edulcorate?


Do you know the word edulcorate? It’s an unusual verb. This entry in the dictionary is a synonym of’suffer’, and it comes from the Middle English language. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a good synonym, edulcorate is a good choice. The dictionary entry also includes edulcorate synonyms. It’s a rare word to see in a sentence, so make sure to look for a definition of edulcorate before you use it.

The word ‘edulcorate’ means to sweeten. It originally meant to remove acid or bitterness from something. Medieval Latin edulcarat meant ‘to sweeten.’ Although some dictionaries list this meaning as archaic, Google Translate shows the word edulcorati as “to sweeten.” However, today, edulcorate means to make something palatable by removing soluble impurities.