What is the Brand Jefferies Financial Group?

what is the brand Jefferies Financial Group

Having made up your mind on which investment bank to use? If you’re interested in financial planning and investing, you might be wondering, “What is the Jefferies Financial Group?” Read on to discover what this brand is all about. This is an American multinational investment bank with headquarters in New York City. It offers a wide variety of financial services including institutional brokerage, securities research, asset management, and capital markets.

The Jefferies Financial Group is a diversified financial services company that engages in capital markets, investment banking, and asset management. It offers a full range of financial services, including asset management, investment banking, and private equity. The company’s primary focus is investment banking, but it also offers asset management, private equity, and corporate lending services. Its other offerings include asset management, corporate lending, and prime brokerage.

Founded in 1897, Jefferies was acquired by Investors Diversified Services (IDS) in 1969. In the same year, Jefferies resigned from all stock exchange memberships. This was a move to grow its institutional business, as IDS did not derive 50% of its gross income from its broker-dealer operations. During this time, Jefferies had to withdraw from the New York Stock Exchange under Exchange Rule 318, as it claimed that the NYSE Big Board was a monopoly.