Can Humans Get Worms From Dogs?

can humans get worms from dogs

In case your dog has worms, they may accidentally pass them to you. You can then get roundworms. The worms can migrate to the body organs such as the eyes, liver, and brain. The immune system responds to these worms by attacking them, but they can also be passed to humans. The disease is called ocular or visceral larva migrans. You can get this disease by touching your dog’s faeces.

Intestinal parasites are generally host-specific. Humans can contract intestinal worms only rarely. The most common types of worms in humans are roundworm, whipworm, and hookworm. Hookworm and roundworm are especially dangerous for children, as their poor hygiene habits and frequent handling of dirty objects can cause the infection. While worms in dogs are common, they rarely cause any symptoms in humans.

Roundworm infections are also common in puppies. Roundworms are passed through mother’s milk, so puppies can get a worm infection through their mother’s milk. Dogs often shed worm eggs in their feces. These eggs can be inhaled unknowingly by humans, so it is important to wash your hands after touching feces from a dog or cat. If you suspect your dog may have roundworms, your vet will perform a stool examination.

The infection can cause severe consequences. The National Centers for Disease Control estimates that about ten thousand children in the United States contract roundworms every year. Around seven hundred children will lose vision in one or both eyes because of a worm infestation. Despite these alarming statistics, roundworm infections are not classified as a reportable disease because the incidences of infection in humans are minor or subclinical.