Why Do Men Have Affairs?

why do men have affairs

There is a complicated answer to the question, “Why do men have affairs?” Many reasons are involved in this behavior, but there are a few universal factors. A man’s primary motivation for having an affair is to satisfy his own desires. A woman’s desire to satisfy her man’s needs may also be a contributing factor to his choice. The majority of men admit to having an affair when the woman they are involved with is emotionally and physically unavailable.

Infidelity has become more widespread over the decades, and it is not uncommon for one partner to have several relationships. It seems as though the male gender is naturally drawn to the best partner for procreation. The reaction to affairs has changed over the decades, but one thing remains constant – men are generally unhappy. Regardless of the reasons for their affairs, it is important to remember that men are typically repressed by their feelings, and they use affairs to mask them.

Studies have shown that affairs are not as deliberate as we may have once assumed. They may develop over time and culminate with one party acting on impulse. Further, affairs aren’t restricted to men. In fact, research shows that women have had affairs as well. In fact, 39 percent of women have cheated on their partners at least once, and 74 percent of relationships do not meet their needs. In these cases, men may have a higher libido than women.