Where Do Platypus Live?

where do platypus live

If you’re wondering where do platypus live, you’re not alone. They live in the icy, rainforest habitats of Tasmania, Australia, and can live up to 17 years in captivity. These adorable mammal creatures have a life cycle that begins when they hatch from their egg. Female platypus mate with only one male, and they remain dependent on the mother for food and protection for about four months. Female platypus reach sexual maturity at age two and males reach this age 1.5 years. They will produce offspring until about nine years of age.

The earliest occurrence of platypus is over 110 million years ago, when Australia and South America were connected by Antarctica. Today, platypus live in rivers of King Island, a remote island between Tasmania and Victoria. The female platypus is blind and semi-aquatic. It spends most of its time swimming, but sometimes rests on gravel to relax. In addition to the male platypus, the female is the most vulnerable to predators because of its small size and venomous tail.

Unlike other mammals, platypus do not form groups. Instead, they live singly, which is why it is uncommon to see them in groups. When they do come together, they form a group called a paddle. Their hunting activity is intense at night, lasting up to 12 hours, and they rest during the day. When they’re not hunting, they sleep and rest in burrows. If you’re wondering where platypus live, consider visiting a local aquarium.