What is the Google SunSpring Hybrid? Innovations in Water Purification Technology

what is google SunSpring Hybrid Innovations in Water Purification

What is the Google SunSpring Hybrid? Water purification technology that combines a solar panel and a water filter? It’s an innovation that can be used in emergency situations or anywhere electricity is not readily available. In Haiti, for example, the Sunspring was used to provide clean water to quake-affected residents. The GE Foundation, for example, has donated 14 of these units to relief efforts. Each one is designed to provide safe water for nearly ten thousand people. The GE Foundation has also donated 10 of these units to the Clinton Global Initiative.

The SunSpring Hybrid uses the power of the sun to clean water and is portable. It can clean 20,000 gallons of water a day and has been certified by the World Quality Association (WQA). It also meets U.S. EPA standards and is accredited for use in drinking water systems in the US. Its low maintenance and solar energy sources also provide a revenue stream for its users. The SunSpring Hybrid can also be carried on a bicycle. InnovativeWater Technologies has been in the water purification business for 20 years and has received validation from Oxford Analytica.

Innovative Water Technologies makes the SunSpring Hybrid wastewater treatment system and the NirNal water filtration system. The Atmospheric Water Generator is their latest innovation in water filtration technology. The company claims that its products are environmentally friendly and that their water treatment technology meets the EPA’s standards for lead levels. A company with such high standards is the answer to the question, “What is the Google SunSpring Hybrid?”