What is the Brand Nokia?

what is the brand Nokia

The answer to the question, “What is the brand Nokia?” is quite simple: it makes smartphones! The brand is a worldwide success with more than 200 million devices sold to date. There is a Nokia phone for everyone. The company has a long history of developing and manufacturing mobile phones. In fact, the company was one of the first mobile phone makers to introduce a video recording feature. Despite its reputation as an expensive brand, Nokia has a wide variety of products available for the budget-conscious consumer.

In 1982, Nokia acquired a mobile phone company called Mobira. This mobile phone company would eventually become the basis for Nokia’s mobile phone business. The company launched the Nordic Mobile Telephone service, the first international cellular system. In 1982, Nokia also launched its first mobile phone, the Mobira Senator. In 1987, the company’s CEO, Kari Kairamo, committed suicide. After he passed away, the new leadership of the company restructured the company into six separate units and divested the rest. Nokia Mobile Phones would go on to become the leading phone brand in the world.

The company’s history traces back to the nineteenth century. The brand has undergone many changes in its 150-year history. Its product range has expanded from a simple forest industry enterprise into the manufacture of rubber, cables, and computers, and more recently, mobile phones. In just one century, Nokia became a major player in the telecommunications industry and significantly impacted Finland’s economy. Despite this long-term success, Nokia has endured many trials and tribulations.